Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seven word conquest

Läs dikten "Jesu sju sista ord på korset" på Sockerdricka!

When Seven words were said · Sabbath approaching
The Sun of justice · sought out Sheôl
Lighting candles for the kindred · that long in darkness
Waited for the Light · that the Word of Love
Had promised to bring · brightly into darkness.
The sun above · seeing he was outshone
Before he had fallen · far into the seas
Hid then his light · Since height was deprived
Of the fruit of the trees · of Truth's knowledge
And of life and love · that lightly died not.
His body resting · he rose on the gates
Dancing them down · death to demolish:
This new Joshua · joined the son of Nun.

He took Adam by hand · and Eve, these parents
Who of old had been eager · to earn their frailty.
The Exodus from Hell · was a high adventure
Where Moses and Aaron · where Myriam and all
That rightly had crossed · the Red Sea
Joined hands with Heber · and all patriarchs
And Noah and the men · ere Nimrod's day
And Job also · one just thereafter
Plato maybe · played a lyre
That David had made · in days therefore:
More souls escaping · and seeking out heaven
Than of old came out · from Egypt's slavery.
When the sun had set · after Sabbath day
Before it rose · on Rising day
He lit a light · that leaves not earth
Nor fades from Church · ere full are the days
When he rose to bereave · - of all rule - death.
This second lighting · of light for aye
By Light of light · our Lord and our God
Are the easter candles · that kindly shall shine.
Confessing our faith · before all men.

(1) I misrememebered when writing what is in italics, as if the sun had gone dark after Christ died. It went dark during his crucifixion, why did no one correct me?

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