What was MSN Group Antimodernism?

A sect?


A Church or cyberparish of a Church?


It was a discussion group, in which the group owner (moderator under MSN) was a Catholic, part time Sedisvacantist, part time Roumanian Orthodox, never Protestant or Atheist. And to which he invited among others some atheists (one couple sharing a profile and one Swede known to be so) for discussion. To which he imported discussions he had had on other message boards. Notably Netscape and Yahoo. Because the atheists on his group would not discuss. Oh, that group owner was I.

Was there a profile in which I claimed royalty, as in "Hans Georg the First"? No, the profile name was "Hans_Georg1" and it was what I took because "Hans_Georg" as such was not available as MSN profile.

Was there any profile in which anyone claimed to be both evil and Messiah? The atheist Swede had a profile "Evilmessiah". One message on the group was posted under the profile, and signed with the first name of the atheist and referred to the party on which I met him. I am not a metalhead, but possibly or even probably he might have been (unless he preferred punk as "Bad Religion") and that explains the name of his profile as a cultural in joke where he usually hangs around.

Were there people around able to misunderstand or misconstrue these facts or the part of them they knew?

I invited one Jew, drag artist and "psy" to the group. In French I thought "psy" meant psychologist, but it is actually rather "psychiatrist". About similar connotations as "shrink" or "head shrinker". If, as is possible, he went on the street and joined the MSN Group for the purpose of watching me, making such a misconstruction was about the least he could do for his colleagues. There and on these blogs, I do attack psychiatry as a pseudoscience and as a criminal activity, relating to its victims about as mafia or mafia torpedos relate to the people mafiosi are watching. Obviously sometimes they are not at all acting on their own behalf, but to further interests of these or such or sundry big bosses. Or some cynic reference to saving a family. More likely to ruin families, and even more likely than that to prevent people from having families, but they might say between them things like "oh his father wants this" or "his mother wishes that" or "what a horrid son" (even if parent concerned does not think so).

I did obviously not invite him because he was a Jew, drag artist and "psy". At least, if I found it fine to let shrinks bother about my writings so as not to bother about me, I did not make them a priority on the group. And neither are Jews the preferred religion, nor drag artistry the preferred hobby of this writer. And sedisvacantist to SSPX Catholics with some reservations about Judaism was probably not his favourite religion, nor blogging about as in against psychiatry some hobby he had no reservations about.

2007, in Nice, someone first gave me a look, then "Mashi, mashi", I gave him a look and turned to the Church as if to hint that there was where he should look and answered "yeees" with some tense drawn out accent intended to be ironic. Like me saying "what do you want to say on the subject of the Messiah? What do you want to know?" - Since he hastened to give me four euros and quickly go away, I had no chance then and there to correct the impression.

Was he a Jew seeking the Messiah (unfortunately in merely creatural persons and not wanting to acknowledge he had already come 2000 years ago) or was he a psychiatrist wanting to check if I took myself for him? Either way I got no chance to give correction immediately.

But I have since then written what needs to be written for people to know I am a convinced Christian, that I believe Jesus from Nazareth was and is true God, true Man and true Messiah and that Judaism is not even correct about natural law as Moses was:

ICXC + NIKA first page ICXC + NIKA second page ICXC + NIKA third page.

somewhere else, page two

If Jews have done me well since that moment, either taking me for a fool or for their Messiah (in which case there is some folly on their part, but not very avoidable as long as they refuse the real one), I hope that reading me has been able to correct both impressions and given them something in return for their kindnesses. But secrecy is not what I owe them. I am a writer, not a secret agent.

I refuse to be treated as a symbol for someone else's erroneous beliefs about either "my case" or their concept of messianity.

That, and material comfort as a writer, and getting things gone recently wrong a bit straighter (abortion, child welfare, psychiatry, school compulsion are some recent wrongs) are valid reasons for wanting to be read - and for my enemies, such as I have, unless there is another name for "friends" at once so clumsy in their apprehension of me and up to now or recently so powerful above my means of getting through that their goodwill is as bad as illwill an equally valid reason for not wanting my blogs read. And blog blockades seem to be going on here and there:

Open Letter (in French) to Public Municipal Libraires of Paris.

There are of course others who objected against my group because it was simply too traddy - including geocentric and including creationist. Note, I did not claim that every heliocentric old earth darwino-creationist is banned. I claimed it was a "secondary heresy" (St Thomas Aquinas' terminology) or "error but not heresy" (Orthodox Terminology), due to the fact that Catholic Churchmen had not been instructing laymen for some time in the complete truth and rejection of untruth in this matter. Or traddy "in the wrong way", as in believing alms to be correct and in believing puberty a natural and mean age of puberty (14-12 for the two sexes) a correct legal limit for marrying after but not before. But they continued not to criticise it on its own boards nor face to face with me.

And it was awkward to musicians that I published scans of my sheet music, my own compositions - and claimed them as my own. And gave everyone a right to play them. Not quite what people wanted young men to do and earn money on. Not their music professors if they wanted them to believe contemporary composers had to compose as contemporary composers - and anyone composing like in old days was a looser or a plagiarist - which at least for plagiarist, I was not. Not their parents who wanted them to spend years more in studies before they could earn enough to marry. Not to people wishing to master me by forcing me to earn money by hard muscular work either. And of course not to people with equal pedagogic ambitions considering my baroque and viennese classic with galant style compositions "effeminate" because it suggests a composer picture closer to Mozart's white dusted whig than to Conan's locks.

All compositions on that group I saved to musicalia.

And I have added more since. But back then people given manuscripts could easily have connected to the same group, scanned, and used their profiles to enrich my group with more of my sheet music.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
St Joan of Arc's feast
30 - V - 2011
in Georges Pompidou Library.