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Wrong question

[not title* of TFP essay, but its presentation in send-out] What unites the Cultural left in our nation? This is the topic of our lead article this week. Click here for details.


"And this “choice” means freedom from rules, morals or restraints. An unlimited choice is what unifies the radicals of the Cultural War. Thus, they display a consistent unity favoring not only abortion but any other practice – free love, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, transgenderism or any sexual deviation – that favors a raging sensuality."

Ergo: TFP goes beyond pro-life to attack a pro-choice that is no longer necessarily pro-abortion - ackording to what they told a little above.

I think the important thing is not what unites this or that enemy (the left reasoned long enough "what unites fascists? let us attack it!") but what unites Christians.

Hans Lundahl

Another quote from same article:

"Resolving the abortion issue, we may win a major battle but not the Cultural War. We must resist the idea that, without abortion, we can retreat to a kind of Mayberry where we can babyboom once again and everything will go back in order. Unless we broaden the fight to include the full cultural spectrum, we will not prevail.

To find further proof that the battle extends beyond the abortion issue, we need look no farther than the very people the pro-life cause amazingly manages to unite.

The list is very diverse: libertarians, feminists, rockers, punks, atheists, agnostics, Greens and even pagans for life. Take away the uniting principle of life and we are left with groups that in varying degrees have agendas that oppose the Christian civilization that we so ardently desire. Winning the pro-life battle only throws us into another cultural battle with our temporary strategic allies."

(my emphases)**

Comments: first on the latter issue emphasised, it is good that some of the leftists, some of whom are infidels, are against abortion. It is not a shame for the pro-life cause, but an honour to them. Second on the first issue: a baby boom is per se no moral problem. Nowhere in Sacred Scripture, nowhere in the Fathers, do we read that baby booming is essentially wrong for married laymen or for married priests. Abstaining from sex within marriage is for prayer, for fasting on fast days, for letting spiritual joy prevail over carnal joy on feast days. It is not for avoiding large families, as if they were an evil. There are times, when it is a great woe to be a pregnant woman. They may return, I will not deny it. I even fear they are close. But, returning from vicious population control to "virtuous" population control, returning from Sanger to Malthus, is not that bright an idea.

Hans Lundahl

[Both posts from Wednesday February 7, 2007]

* TFP : Beyond Pro-life, Fighting the Whole Cultural War
Created: 05 March 2007
The above article was based on a talk given at the TFP Student Seminar on January 20, 2007 in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.

** Seem to have been lost, technicality.

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