Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Commenting on de Souza's essay "De-Christianization: ..."

Future of nations:

"The family is attacked by promiscuity, homosexuality, contraception, abortion, sterilization The result: Nations without children are nations without a future;"
"Islamic immigration, religion and culture fill up the vacuum left by de-population and de-Christianization; At the twilight of this century, Europeans risk being reduced to minorities in their own countries."

When will conservatives get it?

Yes, the family is attacked by abortion, but first and foremost by responsabilism. Why do Moslem immigrants multiply more than indigenous Westerners, at least the first immigration?


1 They do not wait for marriage until you have had a University education and a permanent contract;

2 They do not try to make sons and daughters wait for marriage by foisting a parody of monastic spirituality on them, so that they neither marry nor get cloistered, but you get damsels of thirty or above still hoping for a husband in the future;

3 They do not depend on banks for investing into a shop, but on family solidarity (each earner sets aside something, each one is allowed a loan without interest after having contributed long enough);

4 They are, whether working for others or building shops, unaccostomed to certain luxuries (like, who really needs bar code readers in a grocery shop less big than a supermarket?) we've lately come to take for granted;

5 Family business is family business to them; if the shop is your uncle's, you do not demand the same wages as if working for some stranger;

6 Extremes of age are not separately taken care of by specialists, but look after each other (the old wives knowing how to change diapers on the small, or at least, if that is too heavy, when to call on the ma's for doing it; whereas the small do not mind if the old people repeat themselves, they need the repetition because they are learning the language).

All these six things used to be true of Christians as well. And so there was another thing too:

7 We used to prefer - at least in certain areas - sexual sins admitted and (if possible) amended by marriage to infertility and hypocrisy. We preferred young unmarried mothers to be begging than to be no mothers, but otherwise equally - or more - sinful. We preferred - at least outside Puritan circles - children to grow up raised by sinful own parents than by sinless strangers.

Hans Lundahl
Aix en Provence
29/16 févr. 2008

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