Monday, February 22, 2010

to the adjunct moderators of Antimodernism, they did not do it

1 copy text (Orthodoxie - en foerklaring)
2 open create page
3 chose personalised page and insert copy
4 redact if needed
5 go to pages where it fits (Catholica, Svenska) under manage pages
6 click on page, in "Hide the page" unclick
7 Save changes
8 go to the pages under left hand menue, click on edit this page, insert new link where appropriate, save changes
9 go to all the pages affected (Orthodoxie - en foerklaring, Catholica, Svenska) under manage pages, click on each and then on Hide page. After hiding all three, save changes.
10 Antimodernism looks as before, but it has one new page accessible by link from two pages, theme page and language page.

The page Catholica, with links to personalised pages for reading and one to message board for debaters should be the model for the other issue pages: except Justitia and G K Chesterton which are external links.